Club Penguin Cheats & Secrets!

October 14, 2009


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March 17, 2009

Help Lordy grow up

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Click here to feed me a Rare Candy!

Get your own at PokePlushies!

February 15, 2009

Cheats For AQWorlds

If you want cheats for AQWorlds!

January 31, 2009

Looking for a Trade?

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Hey guys, well I’m in need of some WordPress Credits. If you have any, add my AIM which is Chrisdog93cp. Thanks!

– Chrisdog93

January 29, 2009

Team Club Penguin Forums

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Team Club Penguin is a new forum that I have been working on. Here is the Team Club Penguin Banner.


Make sure to check out Team Club Penguin. Click the image below to register.


The top poster of the week will receive prizes like coin codes and free memberships. Join Team Club Penguin!

January 26, 2009

Club Penguin Cheats- Sneak Peek & DS Game Update

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Hey Guys! Oneurt here,

Club Penguin will be releasing The DS Elite Force game to other countries. They Don’t have a specific date yet but they will let us know as soon as possible. Make sure to start saving money if u want to buy it. Maybe you still heave some extra money from Christmas!


And here is the Sneak Peek of the upcoming Sports Catalog.


Also, The poll is still going. Make sure to vote who gets the membership. Cranicar or Thunder3o. The winner gets a membership. But the other penguin will get 2 codes for me to unlock. Please vote.

January 2, 2009

Club Penguin Orange Puffle

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With the recent release of ninjas, and much more penguins are looking for another new release on Club Penguin. Puffles have been the same for a while, and its time to bring them back in popularity like they used to be. Below is a video about the Orange Puffle. It hasn’t been released, but it’s a cool video.

This isn’t real yet, but would be awesome if they did make it. Tell me your opinions on the orange puffle.

January 1, 2009

Club Penguin Times Issue #168

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The  news paper came out today. There is not much but, here I go!

Here are two Sneak Peeks of the upcoming Clothing Catalog.


Finally the events. The pin Is coming tomorrow. I can’t wait to make the widget. We are taking over!!! 


Happy New Year! Also, how was you new year? Was it cool? tell me now.

Thats It For Now,


December 26, 2008

Igloo Catalog Secrets & New HQ sing

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Hello Penguins,

There is a new sing at the HQ! It says; “ATTENTION ALL AGENTS BE ON ALERT”

New HQ Sing

Here are the new igloo catalog secrets, Not that much.

Click all the candy words on he top to get the Gingerbread House.


Click the Door of the Deluxe Snow Igloo to get the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo.

Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo

Well, thats it for now. 

Until Next Time,


Club Penguin 2 New Post Cards From CP Team

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I got two cards from Club Penguin Team. The first one was for donating coins, everyone who donated should gotten one. I donated 1,000,000 coins. 100,000 from each penguin that i have. That would be a total of about 2,200,000 coins. Anyways here is the card. You might find it different because I turned it Horizontal mode.

Post Card1

Here is the second one from the HQ, It says that you need to report on the 29th of december.

Post Card2

Until Next Time,


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