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December 7, 2008

New Pin, Club Penguin Christmas Clothing Catalog, & Rockhopper

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Okay, lets start with the pin. The pin is located at the Pet Shop.

Snow Forts

WOW! Did u guys check the clothing catalog? Its wicked man! Here are some cheats.


Okay now, to get the Yellow Scarf you need to click the four lights from the bottom.

Yellow Scarf

To get the Russian Hat you must click the top of the tree!

Russian Hat

To get the Red Viking Helmet, you must click the dude with the Black Parka.


To get the Blue Viking Helmet you must click the CLOSE(X) button from the Red Viking Helmet, & click the dude again 4 times!

Blue Viking Helmet

To get the Pink Pom Pom you must click the girls Pink Hair Bow.


THE RED HOODIE IS HERE! To get it you must click at the Light House on page 16.

Red Hoodie

To get the Black Super Hero Mask you must click the Pink Flipper on the top.

Black Mask

To get the Black Scuba Mask you must click the coin.

Black Scuba Mask

Also there is a new background.

Rockhopper is coming! Rockhopper is coming!

Is there something wrong with Rockhopper’s ship? No, I don’t think so.

Migrator Green

In Other News: Okay, we have been getting more the 600 Views this week. I guess This blog is going great! Thanks.

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    Comment by -flozzo_KAPOW_x — December 17, 2008 @ 7:53 pm

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