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May 2, 2008

New Clothing Catalog & Wig Catalog

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Club Penguin’s New Clothing Catalog and Wig Catalog has came out. They have very cool items in store for us. The main idea of the Clothing Catalog is like a Midevil Times .

Also one of Club Penguins rarest item has came back. This is one of the beta items. Its the Queens Crown.

Also go to the very last page of the Catalog and drag down to the place where it says how to get coins. And you will see this msg.

Sounds like a party thats comming up soon


Clothing Catalog Cheats And Secrets:

Click the dragons hand for the Crystal Staff

Click the Emerald Hat for the Woodmans Hat.

Click the Brown Jacket, and you will Get the Cheesy Necktie

Click the bunnys tie to get the Red Viking Helmet. Than click it 3 times and close it. Than you will receive the ” Blue Viking Helmet ”

In the clearance section, there’s a green snorkel when you click on the penguins eyes for the white admiral jacket.

Photobucket( Thx to wwe adam )

And here are the two new backgrounds.

Wig Catalog Secrets:

There are two new wigs, ” The Fire Stricker ” and ” The Sidetided Doo ”

There is one Secret in the Catalog. Click the Blue Spike Hair to get the ” Spikette “. Which is for girls.

I really liked the two catalogs for this month, there very creative catalogs. I hope Club Penguin will continue to be more structured like this.

– Waddle Out



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