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April 18, 2008

New Furniture Catalog , Igloo Catalog & Much More!

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Today Club Penguins New Furniture Catalog and Igloo Catlaog has been released. I have all Cheats about them.

Furniture Catalog Cheats:

Click The P In Plants. You will get the Palm Tree.

Click the LCD Television to get a Big Screen TV.

Click the Regrigerator Door, for the Cake.

That ends the Furniture Catalog Cheats.

Igloo Catalog Cheats:

Here is the New Igloo, in the Igloo Catalog.

The new flooring is something called Phony Lawn

Well, lets get to the secrets:

Click on the Bar to get the Secret Stone Igloo.


Click on the Stone Igloo’s door to get the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo:

Stone Igloo

New Post Cards:

There are 2 New Post Cards.  They are invitations to the stage and the coffee shop.


Well this wraps up my post! I hope you enjoyed this post . I took some time into it and please leave a comment . Enjoy Club Penguin and have a happy day!

Waddle out, Also Enjoy Gardening!


In Other News: The Free membership Contests deadline is ending April 25. Also there will be only ONE winner now. If you haven’t entered my contest, than Click Here to enter!






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