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February 23, 2008

Watex Bribble Issues

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Hello. I recommend only Watex Bribble Members Reading this.

Well we know that Macdaddy1234 gave the chatbox to chewypup, and that is the truth. It is really sad. Why would macdaddy do that? He just did it to get like a 400,000 hits blog which isn’t worth it.

 Well , you may ask me whats the soloution of this. Well I think  I will buy a chatbox for watex . It will have 25 chatters though. Its better than mohd and chewypup controlling it?

Its just a ‘Maybe’ so don’t like get sad If i don’t buy one… Well I hope mac will change his mind about just a stupid blog.

I bought a chatbox. Its comming around 2:00 CP time


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  1. Macdaddy did wrong.Also why don’t you try visiting my site mew?Please?You commented many sites like monsterlit’s.Please comment my site and look at it.I know you think my posts are too long but just reading them won’t harm you!I mean reading my posts for about 15minutes isn’t a time waste,is it?Please comment my site!
    ~Cracked up Crackers~

    Comment by crackersrocks4 — February 23, 2008 @ 3:30 am

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