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January 22, 2008

Mission Walkthrough

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Hey Today the new mission came out. I made a Video about it and a Walk through about it. Hope this helps and please give credit if you copy it. =P

The Video of Mission 6. By Mew850

  1. Talk To G in the Gadget room.
  2. Wait until the Crab Translator Explodes
  3. Follow The Crab
  4. He will eventually take you to the Ski Hill.
  5. Jump down with the crab. He will lead you into this patch of snow.
  6. Keep following him until he enteres this cave.
  7. Then search for the place where the O-Berry Sack is hanged. Take your Scissor Gagdet out and cut the string. Put it in your inventoryo-berry-picture.png
  8. Feed one of the O-Berries to the Black Puffle. Then he will follow you
  9. Go to the cave. Throw a O-Berry in there (Pet Door) and the Black Puffle will open the door for you
  10. Now you will be stuck in a cage. Talk to the Bear.
  11. He tells you that he wants to Destroy the Ski Village.
  12. Put a O-Berry on the Red Lever. Then put it on the Silver thingy. Then put it on the White plate thingy. Look at the picture belowthing.png
  13. Search the place where you got trapped and get a Rope, Pick-Axe and Hot Sauce.
  14. Go to the door. It will be blocked by snow. Take a O-Berry out and then put hot sauce in it. Then the snow will melt and your way will be free.
  15. Go to the place where you fell from (Ski Mountain) And connect the Pick-Axe with the rope. Then throw it over the mountain and you will be back on clubpenguin
  16. Go to the Ski Lodge and go inside where you play ICE FISHING. You will see the bear there.
  17. Then go to the pizza parlor and get the Sea Wead Pizza.
  18. Feed it to the bear and quickly pull the RED lever up on the contraption.
  19. Then the bear will go backwords and will break the ice.
  20. G will come and ask you some questions
  21. You are finished your mission now. Recieve your Medal and you are finished.

Optional: If you wanna get a gift. Go to the cave and there is a blue print on the table. Get that and give it to G. You will get a Extra gift this way.

Hope This Helped!





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